Texas Shootout 2013 Meet Report

Texas Shootout 2013 Meet Report Texas Shootout 2013

2013-Shootout-resultsHot weather, sunny skies, smooth-running meet with 8 teams–what’s not to love about the 2013 Texas Shootout (held at Skydive Spaceland)? Teams traveled from Skydive San Marcos and Skydive Dallas to battle it out with local practiced and pickup teams, many of whom will travel to those drop zones for meets later this year. At least five of these teams are planning to attend the USPA National Skydiving Championships, and this was the first Texas meet this year for these teams to get a look at each other.

In the AAA division, Spaceland Lite (now competing with their original point flyer Richard Rothery) picked up three points on Dallas En Fuego in round 1 to start things off. En Fuego kept it closer in subsequent rounds, however, losing only one point to Lite in rounds 2-5. Props to En Fuego point flyer Tim King, who was flying well despite flying in borrowed everything after having all of his gear stolen from his truck on Friday. (If you see a couple of small mostly black Microns show up for sale anywhere, let him know!) The final scores were 85 points/14.2 average for Lite and 74 points/12.3 average for En Fuego.

The AA class drew a strong list of 4 teams, at least three of which plan to compete at Nationals this year. Spaceland SPX5, who finished just a hair out of the medals in last year’s Nationals (intermediate), put up a strong performance of 67 points/11.2 average. This was particularly good for this team since they have had a roster change this year (Mariuschka Lovera has taken over the point slot). Spaceland Tsunami, a player-coach team led by Rich Delgado, came in second with 46 points/7.7 average. Third place was a tie between the Glitter Girls of Skydive San Marcos and Spaceland Toxic, both of whom scored 32 points for a 5.3 average. This one came down to round 6 in a way; the Glitter Girls were up six points on Toxic going into round 6, but had a video problem that landed them a 0 in that round. Toxic scored a 6. The tie was broken by the highest-scoring-round rule, which the Girls won by virtue of having scored a 10 in round 1 (Toxic’s highest round was a 6).

In the A/Rookie class, two Spaceland pickup teams vied for bragging rights and Spel Chek, captained by local organizer Clay Harrison, took home the medals with 34 points and a 5.7 average. Last Minute, which finalized their roster about 15 minutes before the first competition load, was second with 19 points and a 3.2 average. Videographers from the practiced teams as well as a local jumper pitched in to provide video for all of their jumps, which was much appreciated.

The meet ran smoothly, with competition jumps completing by 4:15 pm, judging by Christy Hitchens and Aaron Pavlicek completed by 4:30 pm, and awards given before 5 pm. Lite also provided some adult beverages for competitors and friends afterward, and we’re all looking forward to the next meet!

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