Spaceland Lite Wins iFly Austin Gunslinger Meet

Spaceland Lite Wins iFly Austin Gunslinger Meet Spaceland Lite wins iFly Austin meet

On Feb. 8, 2014, Spaceland Lite took home the gold medal in the 4-way advanced class at iFly Austin’s inaugural Gunslinger Shootout tunnel competition! Six teams from various dropzones vied for the honors, with Lite coming out on top with a 21-point average across the eight rounds of competition.

Gunslinger Shootout Scores

With nearly a month off from training leading up to the meet (love that winter weather–NOT!), we started a little slow in the first two rounds, dropping 3 points behind Noshowari in round 1 and 2 points further back in round 2. Starting with round 3, however, we began retaking the meet by leading four of the next six rounds and picking up two to five points on the nearest team in each of those rounds. We also achieved the highest score of the meet with a 36 in round 7 (draw: N-F-D-H).

Our win in this meet marks two milestones for the team: First, it was our first tunnel meet together, and second, this was our first competition with our new slots. After the 2013 Nationals, we kept the same lineup but rearranged slots so that three flyers are now in new slots with the intent of raising our performance level. Former inside center Devon Shows moved to the point slot, while point flyer Richard Rothery moved to tail and tail flyer Katrina Shows moved to inside center.

The new lineup definitely shows promise, and we’re looking forward to a great season in 2014! We’d also like to thank our sponsors Skydive Spaceland, Aerodyne Research, Cypres-2, the Spaceland Pro Shop, and iFly Austin for supporting us!

Thanks also to Skydiving Photography for hosting the videos and scores… see both here!

Here’s round 6, the highest-scoring round of the meet:

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