Spaceland Lite Tunnel Camp FAQ

Spaceland Lite Tunnel Camp FAQ iFly Austin Tunnel Camp
Thanks for your interest in our 4-way tunnel camps! Below are a number of questions we often hear from people considering attending a camp. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, just ask!
How much airtime will I get during the camp?
About 1.5 hours. Less experienced skydivers will do a little more 1 on 1 skills work at the beginning of the camp and will get a little less time than more experienced 4-way flyers.
Why do I need a jumpsuit with inside grippers? I was told I didn’t really need them when I bought my suit. 
For casual belly flying, you don’t need inside grippers although they do give people in the formation behind you more options for solid grips. However, for 4-way flying with block moves and piece turns, inside grippers are essential in some cases to building the correct formation angles and turning the block correctly. This is why we recommend that anyone buying a belly-fly suit to add inside grippers–that way you have the option of flying that suit in casual RW groups as well as for 4-way training without compromising either type of skydive.
Why do I need to bring more weight than I usually wear? 
Just in case. Particularly for small/light body types, weight is usually required to match fall rates comfortably with larger flyers, and it is possible that you will need more weight to fly in the middle of your fall rate range. It’s impossible to effectively work on body flight skills and 4-way techniques when you can’t stay down.
And if you don’t need the extra pounds, you can always leave them in your bag.
Who will my tunnel partner be?
We will send out a short survey before the camp with questions about your previous 4-way experience, preferred slot if any, goals for the camp, etc. We’ll pair up campers based on your answers to those questions and our knowledge of your skills; our goal is to provide a “best fit” pairing so each camper is continually challenged but not left behind.
Can I pick my tunnel partner? 
You are more than welcome to let us know you want a specific tunnel camper as your partner. Chances are we will honor that pairing request unless your preferred slots are incompatible (remember that the best learning experience is found when you have a coach as both a mirror and a piece partner, meaning campers pair as point with inside center and outside center with tail). If we feel there is a more rewarding pairing available for both of you, we’ll discuss that with you beforehand.
If you are part of a 4-way team, we’d love to have all of you fly with us! You can all learn a lot of information together very efficiently in this 2-on-2 format and it’s very helpful to have everyone on your team learning the techniques we will give you at the same time, with the tunnel time to drill them.
What slot will I fly? 
We will slot you based on your answers to our survey and any direct knowledge we may have of your skills and goals.
How do I study for my slot? 
You are more than welcome to study our formation notes (which include video) online. If you have not ever studied the 4-way dive pool before, please do so before the camp! We will refer to the formations by letter and number rather than name, as this gives you the most efficient mental process for turning lots of points quickly.
We will be giving you a lot of information on techniques for effective flying throughout the camp and our schedule is pretty packed, so it is very helpful to know WHAT the formations are ahead of time so you can focus on HOW to do them correctly.
Wait… dive pool? Letters and numbers? Whatever happened to star, meeker…?
As mentioned, reviewing the dive by letters and numbers rather than names is much more efficient mentally to let you go fast once your skills allow. It’s much quicker to say in your head, “A-8-9” than it is to say “(Unipod) – (Canadian Tee Canadian Tee) – (Cat+Accordion Cat+Accordion),” for example. It is tougher for some to learn letters and numbers initially compared to the formation names, but you will need this mental skill for advanced 4-way so now’s a good time to practice!
When’s the next camp?
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events, and email if we don’t have a camp listed in the near future; chances are we’re working on one! 
I have more questions…
Bring it! :) Please feel free to ask any Lite member your questions about the camp, send us a message on Facebook, or email us at

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