Spaceland Lite at a Glance

Spaceland Lite is an open-class four-way formation skydiving team based at Skydive Spaceland in Houston, Texas.  The team won gold medals in the advanced class at the USPA National Championships in 2011 and also won Bronze medals at the 2010 USPA National Championships.  In region competitions the team is undefeated in the AAA Class in Texas, winning the 2011 and 2012 Texas Shootout, the 2012 San Marcos Summer Showdown and the 2011 Dallas Super Cup.  Spaceland Lite consists of Richard Rothery, Devon Shows, Katrina Shows, Christy West and Cory Kossan (video), and is dedicated to promoting quality formation skydiving, good coaching, and positive vibes wherever we jump.

The team trains two weekends per month at Skydive Spaceland and at iFly Austin, and is regularly coached by Mark Kirkby of Arizona Airspeed. When we’re not training, we can often be found organizing small to medium-size formation skydiving groups and passing on the knowledge we have gained through our training by coaching many of the four-way teams in the area.

The team also organizes several tunnel camps per year focused on 4-way skills for jumpers of all experience levels. Learn more about our tunnel camps…