8-Way Advanced Survey

8-Way Advanced Survey Spaceland Lite 8-way 2013

Calling all skydivers!

We’d like to ask you to participate in a quick 2-3-minute survey regarding 8-way formation skydiving competition at the U.S. National Skydiving Championships. Many competitors have discussed whether there should be an advanced class added to the 8-way open and intermediate classes that are currently offered, and it appears that documenting the opinions of the USPA membership is the quickest and surest route to getting on the competition committee’s agenda.

It is Spaceland Lite’s opinion that there should be an advanced class just as there is with 4-way, because many skilled competitors and teams fall into a limbo between intermediate, where they are called babykillers if they compete, and open where they stand no chance of winning a medal against full-time teams and competitors. Based on our experiences and discussions with other competitors, some of these advanced-class flyers choose to sit out the 8-way event rather than potentially unfairly taking medals in the intermediate class from beginning teams who have worked hard to earn them, or competing in open where they stand little to no chance of getting into the higher standings against professional skydivers.

By adding an advanced 8-way class, we believe that more individuals and teams would enter the event. With 25 total 8-way teams entered in 2013 and 27 in 2012, having enough teams to warrant a third class certainly doesn’t seem like a problem. This also provides a class with achievable medals for advanced-level competitors and skilled player-coach teams (just as we have in 4-way), in which these competitors can “get in the hunt” without beating up on intermediate teams.

But that is just our opinion. Please take two minutes to share YOUR opinion whether you agree or disagree! And please forward this to other USPA members and competitors so they can share their opinions too. We will be sharing the results with USPA soon in hopes of getting on the agenda to make changes at the 2014 Nationals if warranted, so please answer this survey as soon as you can! It will close on Nov. 11, 2013.


Thank you very much for your time and blue skies!

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